*HURRY! We are only accepting a certain number of applications per state and we will be closing the application process soon!

"We are here to serve you! Share your skills and carry out our shared mission while giving  yourself the best life full of freedom & fun!"

We're so glad you're here! CPR Party™ can't do our lifesaving work without CPR trainers teaching these life saving skills.  We are an organization that was born from the heart and we aim to protect as many hearts as possible. This can't be done without YOU! 

You are the lifeblood of the CPR Party™ organization. We are here to serve you so you can serve others and carry out the CPR Party™ mission. This is why we are creating an online training model and supporting courses for CPR trainers like you to book parties in your town.  We want to make your life easier and better by providing the platform for you to do what you do best. We hope this will give you an opportunity to earn a secondary source of income or "side hustle" that will give you flexibility and freedom to spend time being with the people you love, doing the things you like to do.  

By applying to be one of the "firsts", you will be included in an exclusive Facebook group which will receive all leads for CPR Parties™ in your respective geographic area FIRST.  You will get access to all new products and information first before the general public.  You will be in a positive and supportive community of other instructors like you where you will be able to bounce ideas off each other to improve your training and increase your leads.  You will also have discounted access to marketing courses that CPR Party™'s founder is creating as she is a PR & social media marketer by trade in addition to founding this organization. Most importantly, you will have a direct line to provide feedback to us and make suggestions for improvement.  We THANK YOU for joining us on our mission and we can't wait to serve you moving forward. 

The following form is to be completed by the Instructor Candidate with appropriate documentation. Applicant will be notified via email if selected.

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